Business Advisory Services

Starting up a Business


Let us help you to turn your dream to reality. You have got a good business but need someone to provide the legal and financial advice and step-by-step guidance, then we can help you to:


  • Decide on the most suitable structure for your business- Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Company or Look Through Company.

  • Assess your financial requirement, advice on the best sources of finance and draw up the necessary proposals.

  • Complete any registration procedures with the Companies office, Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise.

  • Help analyse and prepare a business plan, cash flow projections, budgets, and trading forecast.

  • Set up an accounting/ bookkeeping system for your internal use and for complying with statutory requirements.

  • Establish a good working relationship with your bank.



ACC Liason


Whether you are self-employed or an employer, you are required by law to have ACC cover.


If you are self- employed you have option of choosing between:

ACC Cover Plus- the standard option; or

ACC Cover Plus Extra- where you will receive a guaranteed and agreed to weekly amount, if you are unable to work as a result of an injury.


If you are an employer you are required to provide work-related personal injury cover for all your employees, whether they’re full-time, part-time or casual workers. ACC Work Place Cover provides full cover for all employees who suffer a work related personal injury.