Wealth Protection

As unpleasant as the task is, estate planning is one of the necessities in life. It allows peace of mind knowing your hard earned assets will be dealt with in the manner you choose.


The executor and trustee of a Will is required to perform a number of duties. We are experienced in estate planning, and can guarantee the succession plan for your assets will be upheld.


Family Trust


A Family Trust provides a valuably way of protecting the assets you have accumulated for the benefit of others. We have extensive experience in this area and offer specialist advice on Family Trust formation. Furthermore, we ensure all statutory requirements are met.

Obligations for Trustees can often be onerous and our assistance in Trust administration can be invaluable.


We advice and assist on all aspects regarding the formation and administration of Family Trust including:


  • Preparing and executing the vital documentation involved in Trust formation.

  • Attending to the special requirements involved in reporting for Trusts.

  • Assisting with Family Trust administration including:

Minute- keeping

Annual accounts


Asset Management

Investment monitoring

Income distribution

  • Trust and Trusteeship