Profitability Assessment

Business Advisory Services

These are the blood and veins of the business. These tools and reports allows you as business owners at one glace knowing whether your business is on the right track and or/ certain part of the business needs more attention.


Cashflow Monitoring and Projecting


Cashflow is a vital part of your business as it helps to ensure everyone gets pay, including yourself. We can help to provide you with accurate timely and informative cashflow reports, which enable you to


  • realize and understand the amount of cash availability,

  • Plan and prepare for expansion, stock control and taxes

  • Analyse and ancipate key expenses.


Most importantly, all this information we will work with you to develop business strategies to improve your bottom line.




Budgeting tool is a necessity of a business, as it allows us to set financial targets and measure your company’s performance and allow you to consider any future opportunities and growth for you to strive in your business.


There are many types of tools for budgeting, and we can help you to design the right budgeting tool to meet your needs.


With up to date budgeting report will often improve your chances of acquiring funding, as financiers often require budget forecasts as a prerequisite for funding approval.

Key Performance Indicator


This is where we measure and track how each department or each aspect of the business is doing.  And this should leads to overall business target and goal.


How often should you be tracking this? Every business are unique, therefore there is no set rules.


This report should be able to help you to identify and understand whether your business is running efficiently, and which part of the business needs help.